Call of the Lion (English Edition) par Christopher Sherlock

June 20, 2019

Call of the Lion (English Edition) par Christopher Sherlock

Titre de livre: Call of the Lion (English Edition)

Auteur: Christopher Sherlock

Date de sortie: February 15, 2014

Broché: 480 pages

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Call of the Lion
Following on the bestselling success of Hyena Dawn, Night of the Predator and Eye of the Cobra, Christopher Sherlock’s gripping new novel mixes the dangerous and topical world of international arms-dealing with the African settings which have become his hallmark.

After a lifetime spent recording the atrocities of war on film, Paul Norton moves to an isolated game reserve in Botswana to rebuild a life shattered by the murder of his father and the breakdown of his marriage. But his growing love for beautiful American conservationist Dr Anne Madison is thrown into turmoil when he himself turns assassin to avenge the slaughter of his father’s beloved lions.

Paul’s action brings him the enmity of one of the most powerful men in Africa, multi-millionaire tycoon Wayne MacLeod; and Anne’s life too, is endangered by the deadly rivalry between them. Then the Gulf War looms, casting its dark shadow over their personal struggles, and Paul discovers that MacLeod is involved in a project of supreme danger - one he is in a unique position to combat – building a nuclear supergun for the Iraqi tyrant.

Call of the Lion is the story of one man’s search to find his true identity. From the killing fields of Iraq to the wilds of Africa, from clandestine meetings in the world’s capital cities to a lonely castle in Scotland this is a tale of courage and the triumph of one man against a world out to destroy him.