Sixty for Sax: Progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone par From Associated Board

July 21, 2019

Sixty for Sax: Progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone par From Associated Board

Titre de livre: Sixty for Sax: Progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone

Auteur: From Associated Board

ISBN: 1860965377

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? an indispensable collection of sixty progressive studies for unaccompanied saxophone ? suitable for Eb and Bb instruments ? systematically covers aspects of technique, in order of difficulty from Grades 1 to 8 ? carefully paced to provide lots of material at each level ? fabulous variety of repertoire in classical, jazz and other contemporary styles for teachers and their pupils CONTENTS: Alan Bullard: Agile Sax, Alpine Sax, Balanced Sax, Ceilidh Sax, Cheerful Sax, Classic sax, Crotchety Sax, Dancing Sax, Dorian Sax, Driving Sax, Expressive Sax, Festival Sax, Fluent Sax, Fourth Sax, Grooving Sax, Hungarian Sax, Impetuous Sax, Jazz Country, Lamenting Sax, Lively Sax, Marching Sax, Melancholy Sax, Melodius Sax, Plaintive Sax, Ragtime Sax, Reeling Sax, Reflective Sax, Roundabout Sax, Samba Sax, Sax Café, Sax Country, Sax Fanfare, Sax Fax, Sax in the Clouds, Sax Polonaise, Sax Relax, Sax Rock, Sax Steps Out, Sax Swings Out, Sax Valsant, Sax Victoriana, Saxophone Comique, Saxophone Sentimentale, Saxophone Stomp, Scaly Sax, Scherzando Sax, Seafaring Sax, Show-Stopping Sax, Singing Sax, Skilful Sax, Smokey Sax, Sorrowful Sax, Spooky Sax, Staccato Sax, Stately Sax, Strolling Sax, Suburban Sax, Thoughtful Sax, Toreador Sax, Wandering Sax. Printed Music SAXOPHONE STUDIES Exam syllabus information: Alto/Bari Sax AB : 1 - 8 [expires December 2017] Tenor/Sop Sax AB : 1 - 8 [expires December 2017] BEST SELLER!

Alan Bullard is one of the most accomplished writers for saxophone in Britain today and this new volume is an absolute delight. ... The stylistic range is commendable... Go out tomorrow and buy it! This volume will become a standard text for years to come. (CASS)

An attractive book. This is a great addition to the study repertoire for the saxophone and wil find a use from beginner right through to post-grade 8. (Music Teacher)

Alan Bullard studied composition at the Royal College of Music with Herbert Howells. He combines composition with a teaching post at Colchester Institute School of Music. His music is widely performed, broadcast on television and radio, and appears on several recordings. The variety of commissions that he has undertaken in recent years are some indication of the wide appeal of his music to many different types of musicians and audiences.